Education Access Development Fund

Widening access to snowsports for young people whatever their backgrounds is in everyone’s interests. Particularly those from inner-city communities or disadvantaged families.

Whether it be on artificial slopes at ski centres or indoor snow domes, strapping onto a snowboard or clipping into skis has the potential to enthuse, raise expectations and change lives.

Most of us have experienced that lightbulb moment when we first went down a slope at what seemed like rocket speed. Life was never the same again. Why shouldn’t those with limited opportunities have the
same chance?

Added to that is the possibility of unearthing the next rising snowsports star. What if? Why not!​

Our Education Access Development Fund aims to give opportunities to as many young people as possible. Primarily we do this through schools, young people organisations and ski centres.

We have many years’ experience in making snowsports accessible. From the very day the Skiers Trust was created making us the oldest and most experienced snowsports charity in supporting education access and development.

We have supported inner-city state schools through ESSKiA (English Schools’ Ski Association) over many years.

We were the first to support Snow-Camp, giving financial help over many years to aid its development into the well-established charity that it now is, giving opportunities to inner-city young people.

Our most recent initiative is with Snowsport Cymru Wales, working with schools and youth organisations across Wales to give nearly 2,500 young people their first snowsports experiences. Hopefully, it will ‘light the fire’ in many!

Grant - Snow-Camp

Grant - Snowsport Cymru Wales

This Fund operates through a restricted fund for large donations and a designated fund for medium donations. If you would like to donate direct into this Fund please contact us to discuss the attributes of each with you.