For the future of our world everyone needs to consider the protection of our environment. We all need to think carefully as to how we can weave this responsibility into our actions whilst focusing on our individual day to day work.


This includes all aspects of our society. No Charity should be an exception.

Today, we achieve this through our Financial Reserves Policy. Like all Charities we hold some monies as longer-term reserves to underpin our future wellbeing. We choose to invest with a focus on Environmental Sustainability. In the investment world this is known as ESG. We have to do this within our overarching fiduciary duties. We require our discretionary fund managers to place at least 75% of our investments with funds committed to an ESG Sustainability brief. We were one of the very first Charities to take this step.

This is not something new for us. From the very outset, in 1966, the Skiers Trust has had an environmental focus. Our first Trustees who set up the Trust were well ahead of the curve and most of their generation.

From the very start, our Charitable Objectives included the advancement of environmental protection and education including the ability to support projects aimed at preserving snowsports' environments. We retain those Charitable Objectives today.

During the 1960s and 1970s avalanche protection and snow zone management was in its infancy. The Trust made contributions to projects making important advances and giving much needed attention to this area. Today the understanding of this environmental need is well recognised and is a global focus.

We continue to consider this objective as a core value for the Trust.