Foundation Funds

Foundation Funds operated by the Skiers Trust have supported young snowsports competitors for many years. We are very proud of their achievement.

Each fund is carefully defined for specific beneficiaries. For example, the Vincent Budge Award is oriented to support young nordic and biathlon competitors, whereas the Ladies’ Ski Club Fund is there for female ski racers.

Grant recipients are identified by a representative of the individual fund with the process being overseen by the Skiers Trust to ensure that the appropriate charitable objectives are met.

Foundation Funds are restricted funds. Each is established by an initial major donation usually in the memory of a family member or a snowsports club wishing to have a charity dimension but without running a charity themselves. Once established, additional donations can be made at any time by anyone. Where donations can attract Gift Aid, the Skiers Trust administers the process.

Foundation funds are not solely limited to young snowsports competitors, there is potential to create such funds targeted on mental health, specific disabilities or disadvantaged groups. We believe they are an excellent way to remember family or extend an organisation’s focus to support young people in snowsports.

If you would like to consider setting up a Foundation Fund, then please do contact us. We can explain in detail how a restricted fund operates, its position under charity law and how it might be crafted to suit your intention.