Every year the Skiers Trust awards grants to aspiring and deserving individuals and organisations (schools and groups) who otherwise would have difficulty accessing snowsports.

Our aim of any award is to make a real difference.

Our grant making process is application-led for our core Focused Funds. We ask everyone – individual or organisation - to make a grant application which we then consider.

To keep it all as simple as possible we decide which of our funds any grant offered will come from; applicants do not need to. Like almost every charity we have to make choices over which we try to be as fair and balanced as possible.

After over 50 years of making decisions of where best to direct the Trust’s charitable monies, our grant award team has a wealth of experience and contacts in the snowsports world from which to draw knowledge when considering applications. Members of the team have been ski champions, British ski team managers and coached many current race coaches. Their experience collected over many years covers the full range of the Trust’s charitable work including snowsports related to supporting the disabled, the disadvantaged and education. They have a wealth of specialist contacts to draw on as needed when considering applications.

Our grant award team look to match the monies in our various Focused Funds with grant applications through our approved grant award scheme.

Typically, we consider applications bi-annually in order to match with planning for the European snowsports seasons.

An important part of our grant awards is that we monitor their success. We require that any grant recipient provides a post-grant report explaining the impact our support has made for them. This is important for us to be able to show the Charity Commission that we are meeting our charitable objectives. Far more importantly, these reports help us enormously to gain knowledge for making future grants. We may contact you to learn more.

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