Ladies’ Ski Club Fund

This Fund was established by a donation from the Ladies’ Ski Club who continue to actively fundraise and make hugely valuable donations into it in support of deserving young female ski racers.

The Ladies’ Ski Club is one of the world’s oldest ski clubs. It was founded in 1923 in Murren, Switzerland to promote ski racing and good fellowship among skiing nations. It continues to promote those important objectives to this day. Most female British Olympians have been members of the Ladies’ Ski Club. Many have received support to help them achieve their ambitions. Of these Chemmy Alcott is probably the most well-known.

The annual British Schoolgirls’ Races are organised by the LSC. For many it is their first chance to ski down an alpine racecourse. For some their emerging talent is held back by lack of funding.

Ladies’ Ski Club Fund awards go to female racers who show exceptional commitment, both in training and competition, to becoming an international competitor. They will benefit from the financial help as well as the encouragement and support given. They can be individuals from alpine, ski cross or telemark as well as disabled skiers. One past recipient wrote: ‘I cannot believe how generous the LSC Fund has been to me this year, just an amazing and life changing sum of money’. Nomination for the award is made by the Ladies’ Ski Club.

Grant – Jaz Taylor

Ladies’ Ski Club in Murren circa. 1923