become a Friend

Would you like to help us annually in our support for young people through snowsports?

Becoming a Friend of the Skiers Trust with a donation of £50 a year by Direct Debt is a simple and effective way.

As a Friend you will play an important part in our work. You will have the opportunity to influence our grant making and direction now and in the future.

Being a Friend means that your small donation gives you a big impact!

Every year our Friends Survey asks you to give us your opinion on what balance we should aim for in directing the donations we receive to support young people – not just Friends donations but all ​general donations. Where will you want us to focus? On those with special educational needs, those from disadvantaged backgrounds or young aspiring competitors? We don’t know but you do.

We will also take the opportunity to ask your views on a range of snowsport related issues at the same time. These will inform the direction and strategy of the Skiers Trust as we move forward.

Since the very beginning, over fifty years ago, we have only been able to help young people through snowsports because of the donations we have received from many, many people. Becoming a Friend of the Skiers Trust means that you will join them and help continue what they have started.

Remember, donations attract Gift Aid for UK income taxpayers.

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