Nordic & Biathlon Fund

The Nordic and Biathlon disciplines might be described as a niche within snowsports. Albeit one where the UK probably excels disproportionately with a number of good young competitors coming through.

It is an uphill battle for young people as the facilities for training and competing within the UK are few and far between. Very different equipment and facilities to other snowsports disciplines are needed and which are very scarce across the UK. This makes for a significant competitive disadvantage when competing internationally. If the UK is to level the playing field then improvement of facilities as well as improving financial support to individuals is needed. Sadly, Nordic and Biathlon are not well supported by national funding organisations when compared with other snowsports disciplines.

Over the years, grants through the Skiers Trust have been awarded to the British Nordic Ski Team, British Nordic Development Squad and BSS Nordic as well a number of individual young competitors one of whom recently competed at the Lausanne Youth Winter Olympics.

In 2020, the Skiers Trust created a new Nordic & Biathlon Fund having recognised that a focal point with charitable status would be valuable for those who are passionate about these disciplines.

Grant – Shawna Pendry

Grant - British Nordic Development Squad

This Fund operates as a designated fund. If you would like to donate direct into this Fund please contact us to discuss the attributes of such a fund with you.