British Biathlon Futures Fund

Established in collaboration with the British Biathlon Union, this fund supports the future development of biathlon.

Grants from the fund will go to biathletes at all levels to improve their skills, performance, opportunity to compete and support key pathway development programmes. It will also encourage widespread participation in the amateur sport of biathlon throughout Great Britain to promote health and well-being.

Biathlon remains an amateur sport at all levels. Individual biathletes need substantial financial support to be able to develop and compete in national and international events through to the Olympic Games.

Today biathlon and biathletes receive little if no funding from the UK’s national funding bodies which makes competing internationally an uphill struggle. There is now the talent, passion, energy and leadership to take the sport forward, it simply needs adequate funding to succeed.

This fund aims to plays its part to redress the imbalance. Across the UK there is great need for more and better facilities to widen access for young people of all backgrounds as a pipeline to bringing new talent to biathlon.

An experienced and knowledgeable nomination panel including ex-competitive biathlete and national coaching representation identifies and considers grant recipients before recommending to the Skiers Trust for award.

Individual and corporate donors to this Fund can do so on-line below. For individuals there is the opportunity to apply gift aid. For corporates there is the information provided to enable their donations to be offset against corporation tax.