your legacy

The power of snowsports is not just for those young people of today. It is for those of tomorrow too. The future will probably have as many aspiring competitors or from disadvantaged backgrounds or with special educational needs or with physical disabilities as there are today. We should all think of them too and help if we can.

We have deliberately constructed a special Snowsport Legacies Fund to ensure its longevity. So that it is there when it is needed. No matter what. It is a restricted fund under the individual supervision of the Charity Commission.

You may well already have left one or more legacies in your current Will but we would like you to add one more to help young people in snowsports too. You will probably know that you can simply add a Codicil to your current Will as an alternative to writing a new one. Your solicitor will explain the options.

Our Snowsport Legacies Fund Booklet explains all of the details. You should give this booklet to your solicitor to ensure that the exact wording used in your Will or Codicil is correct. It is so important that one day your legacy will become our legacy.

Thank you. A BIG thank you from the young people of the future.

Snowsport Legacies Fund Booklet