applying for a grant

Consideration of grant applications for the winter 2023 grant awards is now closed. We will be considering and making grants for summer 2024 in May/June 2024. The deadline for those grant applications is 25 April 2024.

Typically, we award grants to individuals where they wish to use it to develop their competitive snowsports discipline. For all other purposes we give grants to schools, clubs and organisations supporting young people rather than to individuals.

If you would like to make an application for a grant from us then before you do, you should check that you meet one of the aspects of our charitable objectives and gather the information necessary to support your application.

We support young people. As a norm, for individual applications this means 16 to 25 years old although, on occasion, we can make exceptions. For individuals under 18 years old developing their competitive ability, most applications are made by parents or guardians on their behalf. However, we expect individuals over 18 years old to make their own applications. For organisations we will take into consideration the balance of ages within the application.

Before beginning an application, you should read our Charitable Objectives and the relevant Guidance note.

To enable us to consider your application in the best light it is important for you to give us as much relevant information as possible. Full supporting documents should be attached to your application.

It almost goes without saying, but the information provided with any application needs to be absolutely truthful. Should we find that any information provided is significantly or materially wrong then we may request repayment of part or all of the award made.

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